Sustanon-forte 500 10ml

Each ml of SUSTANON-FORTE 500 contains: -testosterone propionate 60mg -testosterone phenylpropionate 120mg -testosterone isocaproate 120mg -testosterone decanoate 200mg

Men - androgenic deficit after castrating, eunuchoidism, hypopituitarism, impotence hormonal origin, symptoms of male climax (decreased libido and physical and intellectual activity), some forms of sterility with impaired spermatogenesis, osteoporosis caused by androgenic insufficiency; women - hiperestrogenemia, uterine myoma, endometriosis, breast cancer, osteoporosis.

Contra indications

This particular drug just is not approved for use in females and it has being administered throughout males just after a health-related recommendation.

Do not use Sustanon-frote 500 if you have or perhaps are diagnosed of experiencing the tumor from the prostate related or even busts.

Having a baby. Should tell your doctor when you have high blood pressure, heart problems, hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria, kidney disorders, epilepsy or even headaches.


Intramuscularly. The dosage is determined individually depending on the indication and the patient's responsiveness. 

Typically, for adults is 250 mg solution given intramuscularly over 14 days, to achieve the therapeutically - 250 mg intramuscular after 28 days. Duration of treatment is determined individually. 

The sterility in men (azospermia, oligospermia): 500 mg once every 2 weeks (painful erection interrupt treatment). 

In breast cancer in women by 250-500 mg every 1-2 weeks. 

The drug is not administered intravenously!

Medical action

Sustanon-frote 500, one of the best organic process steroid given, is a blend of four ingredients regarding androgenic hormone or testosterone, that really help strengthen muscle tissue and also the continuing growth of male sex characteristics. Our bodies creates medicine help for steroid activity, lower progestational activity, and also powerful steroid activity. The medical treatment is very beneficial for strengthening the actual body’s energy and gratification around 6-8 weeks. Primarily regarded as a massing drug, Sustanon-frote 500 provides noticeable steroid hormone activity, large steroid action, as well as lower progestogen action.

Thus Sustanon-frote 500 can be a testosterone blend and definitely will do precisely what other kinds associated with androgen hormone or the male growth hormone is going to do: Androgen hormone or the male growth hormone is in charge of continuing development of man sexual intercourse organs as well as extra sex features (growth associated with prostate, seminal vesicles, penis and also scrotum), man locks syndication (face, pubic bone, torso) developing cartilaginous structure muscle tissue and the entire body extra weight submission. Support the nitrogen, salt, potassium as well as P, increases necessary health proteins constructive metabolism and reduce catabolism. Early boost plasma concentrations of androgen hormone or the male growth hormone with inside prepubertal brings about slower development and also epiphyseal. Induces manufacture of erythropoietin as well as erythrocytes. From the feedback system inhibits pituitary luteinizing hormone as well as follicle and causes reductions associated with spermatogenesis.

With this particular blend we have 2 relatively quick esters with inside Propionate and Phenyl propionate, any moderate dimension organic compound throughout Isocaproate and a very long ester throughout Decanoate. When injected androgen hormone or the male growth hormone is going to be released in a relatively rate relating to mg for a calendar thirty day period, causing this to be any close to perfect HRT treatment but also for overall efficiency purposes this can not necessarily perform. Due to the quick esters linked, to maintain top androgenic hormone or testosterone ranges Sustanon-frote 500 must at a minimum be shot every single 3 nights with every other day administration being a lot more optimal because of the Propionate organic compound linked. The esters of androgenic hormone or testosterone with inside composition associated with medicine have different assimilation and also removal rate, which assures a rapid and extended (as much as 30 days) after having a single management: androgen hormone or the male growth hormone propionate behaving every day and night. Androgenic hormone or testosterone isocaproate as well as phenyl propionate learn to work over Twenty four hours after serving and also lengthy before two weeks. Testosterone decanoate is the pokiest following the start of actions, nevertheless the longest length.


Sustanon-frote 500 is employed to deal with hypo gonadal males who suffer coming via issues for example eunuchoidism and pituitary, and is equally effective for your treating brittle bones hypo gonadal men androgen deficit as an element of the particular testosterone therapy.

Regarding treating replacement therapy regarding androgen hormone or the male growth hormone deficiency.

Side effects

The actual achievable side-effects associated with Sustanon-frote 500 are identical to every additional testosterone type as the lively hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone is what comprises Sustanon-frote 500. Since androgenic hormone or testosterone, regardless of form changes in order to be able for you to help estrogen through the aromatase procedure common biological process side-effects of your steroid hormone character can occur such as Gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, in addition to ldl cholesterol levels issues and gonad wither up.

 Priapism and other signs and symptoms of excessive sex excitement (repeated erections);

 Kids in the immature period - quicker sex development, improved frequency associated with erections, male enhancement and early epiphyseal drawing a line under;

 Damage to gametogenesis as well as sperm growth infringement, physiological state as well as reduced the semen amount;

 Irregularities with the prostate related;

 Throughout women - hemorrhaging in the birth canal, improved libido, along together using extended utilization of the medication may be signs of masculinization;

 Hirsuteness, gynecomastia;

 Seborrhea, acne breakouts, greasy pores and epidermis, accelerated hair thinning;

 Sodium as well as bloating, edema;

 Symptoms of hypercalcemia;


 Nausea, cholestatic jaundice, elevated lean meats transaminases.

 Head ache, depression symptoms, aggressiveness, nervousness, rest dysfunction, paresthesia.

Achievable soreness, itching, as well as soreness at the treatment.

Over dosage

Situations of over dosage do not have been reported.

Lavage, compelled alkalic diuresis, refurbishment associated with liquid, electrolyte as well as chemical p stability, qualitative analysis and supportive treatment are usually necessary.